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Our goal has always been to mantain and improve the high standards of creativity and customer service achieved trough dedication to our clients, which has made Black Diamond Tattoo Parlor a unique place.



Black Diamond Tattoo Parlor is a custom and appointment based studio, but we always welcome walk-ins subject to availability. Every piece is custom made so feel free to bring in any design or idea for us to use as a reference.

Realism Colour

Realistic tattoos are pictures inked on the skin, yet they look extremely true to life. Whether you want a portrait of a family member or a picture accurately drawn in ink.

Realism Black & Grey

Many photo-realistic tattoos are done in black and grey, but they are not limited to black ink, with many shades of gray produce a highly realistic shading in the tattoo design.

Custom Lettering

Tattoos in this section are tattoos of scripting and lettering. Not only alphabetical characters but Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew and any other Symbols.

Other Styles

This includes Asian, Celtic, Classic, Comics, Koi, Macabre, Old School, People, PinUp, Pokemon Go, Portraits, Religious, Scripts, Skulls, Symbols, Traditional, Tribal, Watercolor, and many more.

Small Tattoos

We are more than happy to do smaller pieces, no tattoo is too small for us, Black Diamond Tatto Parlor is a custom tattoo shop. Most customers bring in their rough ideas.


From standard nose rings, to the more extensive range of body piercings, all our piercers are fully trained and adhere to the highest standards of the US Public Health guidelines.

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The Artists

At Black Diamond Tattoo Parlor we have a team of some of Chicago's best tattoo artists. All of our artists are passionate about their art. Each one is unique and has their own distinctive style. Check out the portfolios of each artist to get an idea of their style and learn more about them when you read their bios.

The Shop

We have a small merchandise section where we sell shirts, tattoo aftercare spray, some body jewelry as well as locally handmade necklaces. Our gift cards, available in any denomination, make a great gift!

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Black Diamond Tattoo Parlor was established in 2016 by tattooist Gabino Soriano who specialized in contemporary tattooing in the US. As tattoo art went through a renaissance in the nineties both artistically and technologically Gabino witnessed the explosion in popularity and the infusion of young people interested in tattooing coming from diverse backgrounds such as fine arts training and graffiti artists.

Traveling extensively through the nineties and into the 21st century Gabino worked with professional tattooists all over while building a team of tattooing and piercing professionals that carry on the traditions of tattooing and continue to explore new techniques in order to offer all styles of work to our clients.


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